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Recognise. Understand. Improve.


Review & Audit includes:

Policy review

On-site audit of service

Cross-sectional interview of staff

Training review

Record-keeping audit

Detailed, personal and actionable report



Our reviews ensure an organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures reflect any changes in legislation, changes to national policy or relevant changes to the nature of the organisation. Organisations are required by law to conduct regular review of their child safeguarding policy. As part of our review, we can identify any current policies and procedures that require amendment or develop further documents to help an organisation keep children safe.

A review often requires an audit of safeguarding practices and procedures to ensure the organisation and the people within are correctly applying safeguarding policy.



Our audits ensure that the practices outlined in an organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures are maintained throughout the organisation. Safeguarding policies and procedures are only effective when they are wholly adopted by an organisation and the people within. Auditing informs future policy development and identifies training needs to address difficulties experienced in adopting an organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures.

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